Saturday, April 10, 2010

Stelkovy - WIP

Soviet Strelkovy seen here charging German held positions in Stalingrad from the movie "Enemy At The Gates".    

The much anticipated (especially by me) Strelkovy by Black Tree Design in 28mm were a long time coming. They are to be used for an upcoming Nuts! game. These guys will fight my Fallschirmjagers. I'm still waiting for the rest of my order to arrive from the UK but in the meanwhile, I've been busy completing what I have so far.

After hand painting with black primer, I drybrush with an off white color like sand. 

Then the base color goes down.

Base color done and ready for dipping.

After the dip has dried (24 hours) a couple of coats of Testors Dull Kote need to be applied to cut down the glossiness. Then another round of drybrushing is done to highlight the details. Next they're mounted on 3/8" flat washers for a great weighted and cost effective base. I use White Pumice #26.212 to texture the base. Incidentally, the pumice would make a good winter snow base for the next unit I'm planning: Soviets in winter camo. 

I think I'll leave the sniper base-less and without any allegations.

OK - just a few more steps and this unit will be ready to fight.


  1. They better be ready to fight if you're putting the poor lads up against Fallschirmjagers right from the start. You're brutal man!

  2. well actually, sbminisguy gave me an idea and i've ordered just a small unit of hard bitten soviet sailors to augment / supplement these strelkovy. of course, the germs not not be outdone will also have a small unit of waffen ss coming as well.



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