Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Zombiecide! Part 2

Like a busy beaver, LTL Dad has been putting in a lot of effort with painting his figs and gaming the lot with me!

(click on the pix to enlarge)
Zombies (l-r): Walkers, Fatty, Walkers, Runners

More Zombies (l-r): Runners, Walkers, Fatty, Walkers, Runners

An Abomination and survivors (l-r): Wanda, Doug, Phil, Josh, Ned

Wanda, my favorite character all painted and ready to roll! Yes, she's on skates!!

The survivors (l-r): Ned, Phil, Josh (on hood), Doug, Wanda, Amy

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mini Tanks Part 5: Pz IIf In Action!

Recently Mikey and I had a battle pitting a couple of armor units each and some infantry. I finally got to use my Pz II and was quite a bloody, little skirmish. 

(click on the pix to enlarge)
Pz IIf ready for recon.

Pz IIf on the move.

Side by side and ready to roll: the Pz IIf and Stug while the infantry advances.

The T70 advances cautiously and gets a bead on the Stug with the Pz IIf still hidden.

On the T70's left flank the T34/76 is trying to sight on the hidden Pz IIf.

Supporting the advance of the squad behind a hill the T34/76
and T70 engage the Stug while the hidden Pz IIf looks on.

The Pz IIf finally breaks cover, takes point and crosses
the ford not seeing the infantry in wait behind the hill.

Meanwhile, the Stug is hit from a well time shot of the T34/76 taking
it out of action leaving the Pz IIf to fend for itself.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Zombiecide! Part 1

As a break from my WW2 flavor of the month seeming obsession, I got back in the Zombie killing mode with my buddy, Willy aka as LTL Dad. He has bought all the Zombiecide games: basic as well as all expansions (I believe that they're referred to as 'Seasons') and we've started on the basic. 

It's quite a fun and challenging game. It's not overly complicated and best of all are the minis that come with it. Willy's been hot and heavy with getting them all painted so my follow up post to this will feature his handiwork. 

(click on the pic to enlarge)
Great quality on all the components. I especially like how they handle doors
(both locked and opened), very clever.

My favorite character.

It really helps if you've got models that represent vehicles. In a pinch you can always use the cardboard cutouts furnished with the game but these are better.

The different type of Zombies in this game helps add flavor and an overall sense of hopelessness as you progress up the skill and experience levels.
I recommend you trying this game out! Lotsa fun.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Medic!!! Part 1

If you're a war movie buff like most of us gamers, you've all heard the inevitable and familiar cry for help that accompanies any battle scene. Medics are ubiquitous in most scenes were GI grunts are engaged in hot fire fights. 

But what about the Germans, Soviets or the Brits for that matter? Of course they have medics. They're just not featured in most movies that I've seen. Thank God for Google and through that engine it has yielded some great pix for reference for converting some of the miniatures in my collection.

Soviet Medic
Ultimate Soldier I used as my 'role' model for my German Medic.
I don't know about you but I haven't seen German Medics in the foreign films that I've seen. 

So using my acquired figures I selected a pose that could be easily modified and with a little paint, a steady hand and much squinting... Voila! instant Medic! 

(click on the pic to enlarge)

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Mini Tanks Part 4: Pz IIf

This mini tank is definitely one of my favorite German panzers. Understated and not as famous as its bigger cousins that populate most game tables, this little guy has historically seen its share of battle field action in all theaters. I find it personally more interesting to see a game table with a smattering of armor versus the typical scene of Tigers or King Tigers side to side as wide as the gaming table allows. Not exactly my cup of frothy cappuccino.  

Given to me as an Xmas gift by LTL Dad this recent acquisition (already assembled and painted, I might add) has helped fuel my drive for collecting and skirmish gaming with mini tanks for Bolt Action! and other rules sets.

Another fine model from Battlemart

A workhorse that never quits!
A famous variant that I have on my wish list is the Pz IIL aka "Luchs" or "Lynx" (in English). Watch for it because it'll be coming soon once I get caught up on my armored cars.


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