Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mongols of The Golden Horde

When I was a wee lad, knee high to a gaming table, back in the 60's I remember seeing a movie on the big screen that made an impression and contributed to my passion as a gamer.

1965 Hollywood epic that was typical of it's time.
Needless to say, I had to paint Mongols. I initially started this army a few years back for WAB (Warhammer Ancient Battles - which I don't play anymore). The nobles and heavy cavalry contigent were figures exclusively from TAG (The Assault Group) while the rank and file are from Old Glory with some Pechenegs thrown in for variety. 

My paritially completed Mongols of the Golden Horde
Back Rank: Noble Heavy Cavalry, Middle: two blocks of Human Shields, Front: Foot Command
I also chose to supplement my army with the 'Kharash' aka 'Human Shields'. These units were made up of prisoners of war both civilian and military from recent conquests. They were put on the front line as literal shields and were essentially canon fodder (an anachronistic metaphor) during battles and sieges.

Arabic Human Shields (throw away units) which are a mix of TAG Chinese prisoners and Old Glory Arab peasants

More Arabic Human Shields (throw away units)
TAG General and Standard Bearers (the right two standards were scratch built) 
TAG Heavy Cavalry Nobles

TAG Foot Command Unit with General, Drummer and Standard Bearer (again with a scratch built standard)
 Old Glory rank and file in assembly.
Finally assembled and ready for paint.

Coming soon to a town near you: The Golden Horde!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Scav Alert, Part 1: Tis the season... Cheap Trees!!

Tis the season for Christmas decorations. What does that mean? Beautiful evergreen trees that would normally cost a lot more can be gotten CHEAP! I ain't kidding. Because if you're like me, Zombies are like trees, you can never have enough!! 

This was actually an accidental find. Whilst perusing up and down the aisle of my favorite dollar store one day looking for gaming supplies, etc. I noticed the proliferation of Christmas themed decorations. Miniature buildings, lamp posts, carolers, cheesy train sets, etc. And... "What's this? Hello? Are those... What the...? Hey! They have evergreen trees here!" I almost shout like a maniac.

Blister packs for a BUCK each!?
Note that there are actually two more styles of 
pure white
(which I didn't get b/c they're not my preference) and another
style of tree that flocked as well.

They were packaged two to a blister and only, GASP! for a fricken dollar. Do the math: that's 50 cents a tree. "Woohooo!"

Needless to say I loaded up and cleared out their display. I've since canvassed Houston for Dollar Trees in my area and have alerted my buddy Willy (aka LTL Dad, Sturmflieger, Veloci) the man with many names. Fear not, fellow scrounger and scavenger, Houston's big and there're a few more stores that I didn't hit so go out there and get some before some knucklehead buys up the stock.

Dollar Tree
Unpacked right outta the blister and ready to go.

My forest setting.
Looks good with an AT-43 Red Blok mech, no?

So what are ya waiting for? Go get some!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

BTD Collection Part 1: WW2 Soviet Infantry

Whilst waiting for another episode of the ill fated MI I've decided to post my ever growing collection of the excellent BTD (Black Tree Design) line of WW2 miniatures. First up are the Soviets (of course).

(click on the pix to enlarge)
Soviet NKVD Maxim Teams  

Soviet Sailors (need to get more of these bad boys)

More Strelkovy coming next...

Monday, November 15, 2010


A while ago I acquired some excellent Copplestone Castings of Bolsheviks for the purpose of gaming WWI (another romantic era I dabble in). Initially, I was captivated by Warhammer's Historical rules.  

Warhammer Historical Wargames: Rules for The Great War

I mean what's not to like? This is a beautiful rules book filled with great colored photos and maps that's truly inspiring and scenarios I'm itching to try. It's also a great painting reference and a must for any collection. 

However, I haven't tried this game since I've only completed a small unit without opponents. Now I'm thinking of using Flying Lead from Ganesha Games because of their simple but effective mechanics for skirmishing with no book keeping. But first I need some opponents (Germans, White Russians, Turks), a few additional units (I'm thinking 10-15 rank and file) and armored cars/vehicles (Copplestone has excellent models) for a small skirmish. 

From their Back of Beyond line: Bolshevik Officers and a Bolshevik Elite MG Team.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Taking Incursion out for an Excursion

After months of patiently waiting, my Incursion board game finally arrived at my FLGS (friendly local gaming store). I can't say enough about this game and couldn't wait to play it. So I sat down and whipped up some quick terrain for that added dimension. Luckily I acquired some pre-painted Nazi Zeds supplemented by more Zeds that I painted from 'Last Night on Earth'. More Zeds are on order b/c Zeds are like trees, you can never have enough. With the plethora of figures in my collection I truly abhor populating the corridors with the cardboard counter standups that come with the game. I'd rather proxy in the meantime as I patiently wait for the official minis.

(click on the pix to enlarge)
Table setup during a game.
The beautifully designed and printed board with my walls complement each other well. This should do for a start. 
I've decided to add more details and embellishments for the wall sections I'll create for the other side of this board.

Close up of the rock and concrete wall. Here's a U.N.A. Steel Trooper (to simulate an APE and to fit) fighting off the different Zeds in my menagerie.
"Whose knocking?" Recognize the Red Blok trooper on the other side of the door? 
Zeds sneaking up on a trapped trooper.
More action in the hallways!

DIY (do it yourself) aka handmade Objective Markers. Left to Right: Doomsday Machine, Zombie Pinger and Caved In markers.
Concrete wall section with detailing. For my second generation of my wall sections I decided to add some detail now that I've got the basic texturing down. I mostly use bits from my bits box since I practically save everything. AT-43 trooper and Zed from 'Last Night on Earth' are here for scale. In the boardgame, this would be a 3 square long wall.

Here's another 3 square long concrete and 2 square long stone wall with a UNA TacArm. Another idea was to give different profiles to the concrete walls for future addition of details such as pipes, panels, etc. 
Dr. Hugo Von X (he isn't really the official mini b/c Grindhouse didn't have one of him - just my stand in) on the right and his Zombie Pinger.
Dr. Hugo Von X on the right with his Doomsday Machine.
Finally, a lone trooper about to be swamped and be Zombie chow.
My game board is next and I've decided to go with 2" squares for more room. These walls are 1 1/2" thick and 2" high with the length corresponding to the number of squares on the board.

Painted APEs, SturmZombies, Gretl, MI-13 and the whole cast of characters will be featured in an upcoming post.


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