Monday, November 15, 2010


A while ago I acquired some excellent Copplestone Castings of Bolsheviks for the purpose of gaming WWI (another romantic era I dabble in). Initially, I was captivated by Warhammer's Historical rules.  

Warhammer Historical Wargames: Rules for The Great War

I mean what's not to like? This is a beautiful rules book filled with great colored photos and maps that's truly inspiring and scenarios I'm itching to try. It's also a great painting reference and a must for any collection. 

However, I haven't tried this game since I've only completed a small unit without opponents. Now I'm thinking of using Flying Lead from Ganesha Games because of their simple but effective mechanics for skirmishing with no book keeping. But first I need some opponents (Germans, White Russians, Turks), a few additional units (I'm thinking 10-15 rank and file) and armored cars/vehicles (Copplestone has excellent models) for a small skirmish. 

From their Back of Beyond line: Bolshevik Officers and a Bolshevik Elite MG Team.



  1. Good stuff, loved the copplestone figures when I had them,very nice to paint like yours.

  2. Here we go on a new period, LTL Mom is gonna kill me one of these days.

  3. Thanx A/L! What happened, did u sell em?

    LTL Dad - I know, right. We can't seem to focus on one danged genre. So many games, so little time!

  4. Greeks, Poles and French fought the Bolsheviks at Odessa.

    French are always useful, especially if you use Turcos and Foreign Legion, as they can pop up anyywhere....

    The Greeks are a different option, and the same troops fought Turks, Germans and Bulgarians. you really want are the Evzones (really tough men in skirts :-) )

  5. freecloud - thnx! forgot about the balkans. of course that area is rife w/ all kind of opponents. and you're right about the FFL - which is another fave unit of mine.

  6. Check out the gamimg we are doing in Odessa (Russian Revolution) using Mud & Blood rules - Bolsheviks vs Greeks, French & White Russians:



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