Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mongols of The Golden Horde

When I was a wee lad, knee high to a gaming table, back in the 60's I remember seeing a movie on the big screen that made an impression and contributed to my passion as a gamer.

1965 Hollywood epic that was typical of it's time.
Needless to say, I had to paint Mongols. I initially started this army a few years back for WAB (Warhammer Ancient Battles - which I don't play anymore). The nobles and heavy cavalry contigent were figures exclusively from TAG (The Assault Group) while the rank and file are from Old Glory with some Pechenegs thrown in for variety. 

My paritially completed Mongols of the Golden Horde
Back Rank: Noble Heavy Cavalry, Middle: two blocks of Human Shields, Front: Foot Command
I also chose to supplement my army with the 'Kharash' aka 'Human Shields'. These units were made up of prisoners of war both civilian and military from recent conquests. They were put on the front line as literal shields and were essentially canon fodder (an anachronistic metaphor) during battles and sieges.

Arabic Human Shields (throw away units) which are a mix of TAG Chinese prisoners and Old Glory Arab peasants

More Arabic Human Shields (throw away units)
TAG General and Standard Bearers (the right two standards were scratch built) 
TAG Heavy Cavalry Nobles

TAG Foot Command Unit with General, Drummer and Standard Bearer (again with a scratch built standard)
 Old Glory rank and file in assembly.
Finally assembled and ready for paint.

Coming soon to a town near you: The Golden Horde!


  1. Truly the greatest flim made of the Khan second only to the john Wayne Classic!only kidding but still good fun.
    The Tag figures look great can't believe that there aren't a lot more collections of mongols out there.
    Looking forward to seeing the end results.

  2. thanx, willie! i don't know if you'd seen the subsequent post on progress of my mongol rank and file so here's a link:

    i've actually finished them but need to set up the shots to feature and highlight them bad boys. look for it in a future post.




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