Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bolt Action: Japs vs Marines

A few months ago, Mikey and I decided to try one of the amphib scenarios using Bolt Action, some 15mm minis on his Hexon table. Great fun was had by all. Sorry, this isn't really an AAR, just enjoy the pix, why doncha?

(click on the pix to enlarge)

Mikey's homemade bunkers using ceramic tiles

Sunday, January 10, 2016

More Proxying Fun: Ars Victor with 10mm Pendraken Fantasy, Part 5

Almost done with proxying the minis for Ars Victor. I wanted to get units that would visually represent the Brutes, Lancers and Scavengers. Luckily I found Pendraken Fantasy in 10mm. 

They have a great line and a variety to choose
from. What's more is the close scale match with
the MechWarrior Clix miniatures

(click on the pix to enlarge)
These Barbarians would make fine Scavengers 

Barbarians ready for flocking

Scavengers emerging from the woods

Brutes ready to rumble

Lancers are ready as well

I almost forgot one more unit that needed to transition from their original clix bases to match the game bases.

Much better!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

New and Old Toys, Part 3

Sci-fi doors, crates and barrels are perfect for adding those nice extras to your gaming table. 

(click on the pix to enlarge)
Narrow and wide doors, section and air lock doors
from the Sedition Wars Terrain Pack are great!

Staging the shot

Various items from my collection: Starship Trooper,
AT-43 and Hero Clix Alien to name a few

Finally gotten around to painting some
cool bio-hazard and nuclear waste barrels (red
and yellow respectively) from Fenris Games

More sci-fi crates and hatches from Fenris Games 

Put 'em all together and you get some nice dioramas
"Meanwhile, at the loading bay of HMS Rourke's Prime
currently orbiting Rajanatha 3 in the Gamma Sector"

That's a repainted AT-43 Mech UNI Fire Toad
"Preparations are underway for the massive landing
expedition and support base operations"

"I need that load out as soon as possible!
Otherwise I'm going to miss my timetable
and be late for the jump point."

Sunday, January 3, 2016

2' x 2' Mini Terrain Table


Because gamers like a big area for viewing and admiring, most of us have the typical 4' x 6' playing areas. Realistically, most of my games end up in tight quarters. Especially my skirmish games in 28mm. Solution: make a mini terrain table for those close quarters.

Start with a standard 2' x 2' acoustic ceiling tile
available at any hardware store.
Paint the edges with flat black for a better border

Inexpensive but very effective for most of my painting needs

Apply with a metal spatula a good base layer of a slurry mix
(sand, white glue, cheap gray acrylic craft paint and water).
Let dry and cure overnight then apply successive coats of dark brown wash

Again let dry and cure overnight

After the board was dry-brushed to my liking I then applied
white glue to random areas and sprinkled copious amounts of
static grass from Gale Force Nine

Let dry and cure overnight then take a tooth brush to
tease out (stand up) and remove excess static grass and Voila!

My whole intent was as mentioned above but after it was completed I knew that I could pose some of my minis on it for some cool diorama shots.

Steppe this way!
My Mongols from The Assault Group and Old Glory lines 

Assortment of German Panzers, armored cars
and half tracks from Bolt Action

Same Panzers supplemented with 25mm BMW motorcyle 
troopen from Battle Honors (incidentally, putting them in the 
foreground mitigates the scale disparity)

My Soviet Tankovy from Battlemart and
armored cars from Bolt Action 

Some modern microarmor from GHQ alongside Timecast buildings


Composed shot for my Instagram


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