Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Royal Navy Marines, Part 2

To continue, Redcoats on the Royal Navy Marines always look so intimidating on the table...

Crew (can be used as Privateers or even Pirates)

Marines and Naval Officers

Governor in the foreground flanked by Naval Officers

Rank and file

Marines in a different light


Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The Royal Navy Marines, Part 1

Last time I posted was all about the Pirates. Now for the Royal Navy, always a good unit to face off against those scurvy dogs, arrrrgghhhh!!!

Lots of reference photos to be had all over the net.

Nice visuals, as well from Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise.

Resin model wagons from Fenris Games.
Perfect for Pirates and other periods.

Royal Marines and Crew 

Drybrushed and ready for color

More bases from Fenris
British Crew

Monday, November 27, 2017

Black Scorpion Pirates Showcase

Just had to show these bad boys off...

Well, not quite these bad boys...

The Pirate line from Black Scorpion

Beautifully sculpted makes painting them easy


Ditto again

Now, I'm just being lazy...

Monday, November 13, 2017

Green Army Men - Yoga Joes

One of the things I love most are interesting finds that not only tickle my brain but also make me laugh. One such find was during a visit to the Museum Store at HMNS (Houston Museum of Natural Science). Most museum store fare are overpriced knick-knacks that clutter most desks and shelves. 

The obligatory Museum Store

Then I found the coolest thing while browsing around... 

But first, some background.

A staple for little boys and most budding gamers, I would guess that
most of us have started with the standard Green Army Men in a bag.
This bag of plastic soldiers gave me loads of good clean fun as I simulated
these little battles

Before the advent of computers and tech-toys, these low tech plastic
toys were powered by our imagination. No batteries included nor needed.
With all the standard poses we've come to love and expect, these mini

soldiers were ubiquitous for most boys in my generation

The Toy Story movie franchise featuring these little plastic heroes
made me fall in love all with them all over again. In fact, they

intrigued me so much I re-watched their scenes over and over again.  

So fast forward years later, I was at the HMNS Museum store when I noticed these plastic soldiers displayed on a shelf. I could've missed these bad boys amidst all the other bric-a-brack but they caught my eye.

I nearly missed these bad boys!

Upon further investigation I leaned closer and got an eyeful.

I didn't end up buying them there so I took the information from the card and looked them up online. The good news is that googling them will lead you to Amazon where they can be easily got. So get 'em already!

Re-purposing of a classic. Brilliant!

Funny as hell!


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