Tuesday, October 10, 2017

LnL World at War Series: Blood and Bridges - Hold The Line Scenario Replay

Here's a replay of a beloved game and scenario. This time I used my Hexon tiles. In the earlier game Hotz Mats was used. See World at War: Blood and Bridges, Scenario 5: Hold the Line

(click on the pix to enlarge)
I created a word document with all the scenario information
(scanned units and counters) as the reference guide for my
group that shows all the units (enlarged) used on the table to

mitigate clutter on my table. Being able to read the counter
information because the print is too on those counters makes
game play easier for these tired eyes. I believe at one point,
LnL (under Mark L. Walker) released unit cards but I don't
think they're available under the new management.  

Scenario page shows Victory Conditions with 
Turn Marker when special units arrive, etc. 
helps game flow and accuracy of events 

WIP Game Board: Using masking
tape as placeholder for roads 

WIP Game Board: Using blue colored sand to
represent rivers on my custom-made hexes

WIP Game Board: Using carpet tile samples (4" squares) easily
acquired from local DIY stores (e.g. Lowes or Home Depot) and cut
to hex shape. Different colors denote burnt crops or planted fields 

WIP Game Board: Using PicoArmor Euro Village Buildings and my
custom-made rubble and building ruins to represent towns and villages 

WIP Game Board: A bigger picture

WIP Game Board: Applied colored sand mix (gray, black
and brown - again easily acquired from any craft shop:
e.g. Michael's or Hobby Lobby) for roads

WIP Game Board: Finally coming together, most of these
components were used in the earlier posting

Close up view of some of the riverside towns
with my scratch built bridges 

NATO Air Power
Top row: British Lynx
Middle Row: FRG BO-105
Tornados and F4 Phantom 

Lynxs on the prowl
Trees are from 'We Honest' (a Chinese website
featuring cost-effective trees great for gaming)

The point of a minis table is no clutter with TMI. Instead I use
lettered beads (from Michael's or Hobby Lobby) in lieu of markers
to denote unit status (D = Disrupted, R = Reduced)

2xT80 Platoons + an HQ Unit (H = HQ)

Here are some dismounted NATO infantry supported by FVs and a Milan
Modified pipe cleaners make great missile markers

GHQ conifer trees on pennies

Red disks indicate 'Ops Complete' mode for units
that completed any action (move or combat)

Another artillery barrage landing on
a Soviet advance in the woods

Using the trees as cover the Soviets advance but is
pounded on by NATO artillery strikes

A NATO elevated over watch position 

Smoking and burning hulks are wrecks
and this Soviet HQ company was decimated

Artillery barrage represented by Paper Terrain explosion pack

Perilous river crossing for the Soviet BMPs Infantry Carriers
Bombardment aftermath: Destroyed BMP and Disrupted BMP on the bridge
Adjacent hex: Destroyed

NATO fortified position with dug-in infantry
and Dragon support weapon

Another T80 platoon casualty

2xT80 platoons out of Command Control
and effectively out of the fight

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Taking A Stand!

Hey folks! Still alive after all that life has enriched me with. 

I know that I've been awfully remiss in neglecting this blog. And without further ado here's a long awaited article that I'm finally publishing. Thanks for your patience and let's get to it.

I love eye-candy in all my games, so I put forth some effort in making the command stands included in the boxed game as a diorama to compliment my Samurai Battles table.

I'll be using epic 6mm miniatures (previously referred to in an earlier post http://thehistoricalminiaturist.blogspot.com/2015/12/hai-on-more-conversions-part-1.html) to truly capture the scale of these opposing armies. 

Additionally I substituted the Honor and Fortune tokens with some generic Chinese coins obtained online.
(click on the pix to enlarge)
Dice Roll showing Honor and Fortune
Cardboard Game Tokens
(Honor and Fortune Tokens: White Asterisk on a purple field) 

Chinese coins from EBay

Typical Figures that come in the box

Using the provided game accessories to record and document a general's winnings seemed lack luster and uninspired to compliment the epic look and feel of the game.

WIP: conversion of standard game combat game units to 6mm

Red and Black Army Command Stands

Vignettes depicting Army Commander receiving messages and viewing
heads (victory banner representation) of vanquished enemies

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Incursion Plastics, Part 1

Catching up on some painting...

(click on the pix to enlarge)
MI-13 (Rear Left to Right): Nigel, Commando, Ack Pack x2 (Flamer), Grenadier
(Foreground Center): Gut Gunner

SWD (Left to Right): Bomber Zombies x2, Hugo Von X, Drohne and
Gretel Von X (Classic pose)

Fallschirmjager Droptroopers (Rear Left to Right): Droptrooper, Flammenwerfer, Panzerfaustwerfer, Hilde Becker and Feldwebel(Foreground Left to Right)Droptrooper and MG42 Trooper
Luck 7th (Left to Right): Grunt APE, Rosie the Riveter, HMG APE, Grunt APE and Blazer 


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