Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My New Rolling Gaming Table

At last! I finally completed my game table complete with casters for some rolling action. Actually, this table is a modification of my 4'x6' gaming table top I inherited from a friend. I usually just set it on a folding table. I've since enlarged my playing surface to a 5'x7' by buying and cutting some standard 4'x8' MDF panels.

Without casters, my table became problematic in my limited gaming space (read: small game room). Solution: wheels! 

Plans and sketches drawn, noted and ready for assembly.

Here's a sample of my plan and elevation combining
CAD drawings with sketched notes and dimensions.

Here's a test fit of the parts and pieces before any drilling, fastening, etc. 

My buddy Mikey measuring twice and cutting once.

The all important casters attach to the 4x4 table legs.
Lesson learned: ALL legs should have swivels for easy maneuvering -
not just the two. Bottom line: buy two sets!  

No nails were used. Bolted and screwed for easy dis-assembly if needs be.

Bottom storage shelf also acts as a shear panel
(for you structural engineer types) and added support stability.

Notice the sag? "Arrrrrghh!" I cried in frustration.
The sag is a product of two MDF boards butted together to create a 5'x7' playing area.

Problem: sag occurs at the table top seam when two pieces were used
to make up a 5'x7' playing surface. This is a custom and nonstandard size.
doing this solo without another set of hands forced 
me to be creative and used my car jack to help lift the sag. Adding a 2x4 fascia board attached to the legs on the two long sides gave the sag the support needed.


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