Wednesday, October 25, 2017

New and Old Toys, Part 6 Stalingrad

You ever set up your game table for a specific scenario and end up with 'free play'? Such was the case one day after I set up my Stalingrad table intending to skirmish an urban ruins clash against the usual suspects of belligerents. After the table was set (...the battle lines are drawn...) I had some visitors 'oohing and aahing' over the set up. Now mind you, these visitors of mine were not gamers. And unbidden they started pulling minis from collection and placed them on the table. The result was pure fun and unplanned...

(click on the pix to enlarge)
The initial setup: 28mm urban ruins on
my 5'x7' gaming table

A PanzerGrenadier column with BMW Troopen scouts
and fullysupported with a PZII and SdKfz 251 Halftracks
with some command elements in tow entering the sector

The objective: ammo and supply dump made up with
my collection of crates, barrels, oil cans, sandbags, etc.

Soviet Strelkovy and Maxim MG Team race to get into
position when all of a sudden, the Bugs attack!

At the opposite side of the table StormTroopers advance
supported by an AT-ST while a trailing Rancor goes amok

Standard StormTrooper maneuvers as they fan
out outflanking an unsuspecting T34 and the dinos

A T-34 and a BA-6 are duly engaged with the Alien and
a raptor as a T-Rex and a Bug are locked in combat 

A Stug IIIG with some BMW Troopen get in on the action

The Alien sneaking up on an unsuspecting Soviet Scout
observing the passing of the PanzerGrenadier column

Blade showing up for a cameo appearance

A soviet sniper sights on a T-Rex from Hobby Lobby

A mixed bag of belligerents including an armor
clash between a KV1 and JagdPanzer IV 

A melee and free-for-all ensues!

"All together now!"

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

PSC Great War Infantry

Another Borg system spin off: The Great War 

(click on the pix to enlarge)
As sexy as she is, this is not that Borg...

A long awaited game, I couldn't wait to give it a try

Everything you need to get that WWI flavor
Commands and Colors-style!

The Brits

The Huns

Painting production in full swing

Hard lesson learned: do not use hot glue gun on plastic soldiers 
because removing them from the nail after painting becomes
problematic and difficult ("Arrrrgggghhhhh!" I yelled in frustration)

Unfortunately, the glue adheres to the plastic and
is difficult to trim. This was not an issue
with metal figures. DOH!

Consequently, the bases aren't flat as intended. Luckily
these figures stand up well on a Hexon tile because of
the static grass

The Brits - nice poses and crisp figures

Ditto for the Huns

A little test on how they stand up on the Hexon tiles

Nice detail on these Brits

First Scenario Map to be replicated on Hexon 

I decided to go the easy route and just used sand to
outline the trenches. A quick, down and dirty
alternative to get that miniatures feel

An entrenched Hun machine gun team

A Hun mortar team

A Brit MG team

Standard Brit infantry with Grenadier ready to go 'over the top'

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

LnL World at War Series: Blood and Bridges - Hold The Line Scenario Replay

Here's a replay of a beloved game and scenario. This time I used my Hexon tiles. In the earlier game Hotz Mats was used. See World at War: Blood and Bridges, Scenario 5: Hold the Line

(click on the pix to enlarge)
I created a word document with all the scenario information
(scanned units and counters) as the reference guide for my
group that shows all the units (enlarged) used on the table to

mitigate clutter on my table. Being able to read the counter
information because the print is too on those counters makes
game play easier for these tired eyes. I believe at one point,
LnL (under Mark L. Walker) released unit cards but I don't
think they're available under the new management.  

Scenario page shows Victory Conditions with 
Turn Marker when special units arrive, etc. 
helps game flow and accuracy of events 

WIP Game Board: Using masking
tape as placeholder for roads 

WIP Game Board: Using blue colored sand to
represent rivers on my custom-made hexes

WIP Game Board: Using carpet tile samples (4" squares) easily
acquired from local DIY stores (e.g. Lowes or Home Depot) and cut
to hex shape. Different colors denote burnt crops or planted fields 

WIP Game Board: Using PicoArmor Euro Village Buildings and my
custom-made rubble and building ruins to represent towns and villages 

WIP Game Board: A bigger picture

WIP Game Board: Applied colored sand mix (gray, black
and brown - again easily acquired from any craft shop:
e.g. Michael's or Hobby Lobby) for roads

WIP Game Board: Finally coming together, most of these
components were used in the earlier posting

Close up view of some of the riverside towns
with my scratch built bridges 

NATO Air Power
Top row: British Lynx
Middle Row: FRG BO-105
Tornados and F4 Phantom 

Lynxs on the prowl
Trees are from 'We Honest' (a Chinese website
featuring cost-effective trees great for gaming)

The point of a minis table is no clutter with TMI. Instead I use
lettered beads (from Michael's or Hobby Lobby) in lieu of markers
to denote unit status (D = Disrupted, R = Reduced)

2xT80 Platoons + an HQ Unit (H = HQ)

Here are some dismounted NATO infantry supported by FVs and a Milan
Modified pipe cleaners make great missile markers

GHQ conifer trees on pennies

Red disks indicate 'Ops Complete' mode for units
that completed any action (move or combat)

Another artillery barrage landing on
a Soviet advance in the woods

Using the trees as cover the Soviets advance but is
pounded on by NATO artillery strikes

A NATO elevated over watch position 

Smoking and burning hulks are wrecks
and this Soviet HQ company was decimated

Artillery barrage represented by Paper Terrain explosion pack

Perilous river crossing for the Soviet BMPs Infantry Carriers
Bombardment aftermath: Destroyed BMP and Disrupted BMP on the bridge
Adjacent hex: Destroyed

NATO fortified position with dug-in infantry
and Dragon support weapon

Another T80 platoon casualty

2xT80 platoons out of Command Control
and effectively out of the fight


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