Wednesday, October 25, 2017

New and Old Toys, Part 6 Stalingrad

You ever set up your game table for a specific scenario and end up with 'free play'? Such was the case one day after I set up my Stalingrad table intending to skirmish an urban ruins clash against the usual suspects of belligerents. After the table was set (...the battle lines are drawn...) I had some visitors 'oohing and aahing' over the set up. Now mind you, these visitors of mine were not gamers. And unbidden they started pulling minis from collection and placed them on the table. The result was pure fun and unplanned...

(click on the pix to enlarge)
The initial setup: 28mm urban ruins on
my 5'x7' gaming table

A PanzerGrenadier column with BMW Troopen scouts
and fullysupported with a PZII and SdKfz 251 Halftracks
with some command elements in tow entering the sector

The objective: ammo and supply dump made up with
my collection of crates, barrels, oil cans, sandbags, etc.

Soviet Strelkovy and Maxim MG Team race to get into
position when all of a sudden, the Bugs attack!

At the opposite side of the table StormTroopers advance
supported by an AT-ST while a trailing Rancor goes amok

Standard StormTrooper maneuvers as they fan
out outflanking an unsuspecting T34 and the dinos

A T-34 and a BA-6 are duly engaged with the Alien and
a raptor as a T-Rex and a Bug are locked in combat 

A Stug IIIG with some BMW Troopen get in on the action

The Alien sneaking up on an unsuspecting Soviet Scout
observing the passing of the PanzerGrenadier column

Blade showing up for a cameo appearance

A soviet sniper sights on a T-Rex from Hobby Lobby

A mixed bag of belligerents including an armor
clash between a KV1 and JagdPanzer IV 

A melee and free-for-all ensues!

"All together now!"


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