Tuesday, October 17, 2017

PSC Great War Infantry

Another Borg system spin off: The Great War 

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As sexy as she is, this is not that Borg...

A long awaited game, I couldn't wait to give it a try

Everything you need to get that WWI flavor
Commands and Colors-style!

The Brits

The Huns

Painting production in full swing

Hard lesson learned: do not use hot glue gun on plastic soldiers 
because removing them from the nail after painting becomes
problematic and difficult ("Arrrrgggghhhhh!" I yelled in frustration)

Unfortunately, the glue adheres to the plastic and
is difficult to trim. This was not an issue
with metal figures. DOH!

Consequently, the bases aren't flat as intended. Luckily
these figures stand up well on a Hexon tile because of
the static grass

The Brits - nice poses and crisp figures

Ditto for the Huns

A little test on how they stand up on the Hexon tiles

Nice detail on these Brits

First Scenario Map to be replicated on Hexon 

I decided to go the easy route and just used sand to
outline the trenches. A quick, down and dirty
alternative to get that miniatures feel

An entrenched Hun machine gun team

A Hun mortar team

A Brit MG team

Standard Brit infantry with Grenadier ready to go 'over the top'

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