Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Taking A Stand!

Hey folks! Still alive after all that life has enriched me with. 

I know that I've been awfully remiss in neglecting this blog. And without further ado here's a long awaited article that I'm finally publishing. Thanks for your patience and let's get to it.

I love eye-candy in all my games, so I put forth some effort in making the command stands included in the boxed game as a diorama to compliment my Samurai Battles table.

I'll be using epic 6mm miniatures (previously referred to in an earlier post http://thehistoricalminiaturist.blogspot.com/2015/12/hai-on-more-conversions-part-1.html) to truly capture the scale of these opposing armies. 

Additionally I substituted the Honor and Fortune tokens with some generic Chinese coins obtained online.
(click on the pix to enlarge)
Dice Roll showing Honor and Fortune
Cardboard Game Tokens
(Honor and Fortune Tokens: White Asterisk on a purple field) 

Chinese coins from EBay

Typical Figures that come in the box

Using the provided game accessories to record and document a general's winnings seemed lack luster and uninspired to compliment the epic look and feel of the game.

WIP: conversion of standard game combat game units to 6mm

Red and Black Army Command Stands

Vignettes depicting Army Commander receiving messages and viewing
heads (victory banner representation) of vanquished enemies


  1. thanks, Phil for ever being vigilant and loyal.

  2. Very cool! Welcome back to blog-land, its been too long :-)

  3. Thanks, Paul, for being loyal and vigilant. BTW, are you still blogging? Can't seem to find you. I know that you're on Google+.



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