Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Playing Overlord on a 3D Map Table

Mag Con 7 this year was again held in New Caney Texas (north of Houston). 

On its 7th year and still running!

Classic Boardgame

 My buddies and I decided to host a Memoir 44 epic game using their Overlord rules. We selected the "Tigers in the Snow" scenario set on the Eastern Front as the tide was turning for the Axis. We recruited a few more generals to complete the ideal 4 vs 4 players with me playing the Soviet CinC and Mikey the Axis CinC.

Epic expansion to the classic

For some who aren't familiar with Memoir 44's Overlord game play, it's similar to the Command and Colors Epic battles where one Commander in Chief handles and doles out the command cards to 1, 2 or 3 of his field generals. Battlefield friction and the fog of war are clearly manifested as each commander faces the frustration of not having an unrealistic God view of the field being contested. Want to find out more? Special Overlord rules are easily obtained from Days of Wonder site.

Scenario Map downloadable pdf from Days of Wonder

Please note that we used our green tiles rather than the white snow covered terrain that the map called for simply because we didn't have any.

Our 3D representation with yours truly, on the left, putting on the final
touches before hostilities began. We started with Hexon tiles by Kalistra
and used assorted micro armor from GHQ and Heroics & Ross.

The dark green hills are GHQ Terrain Maker hexes carved and
flocked by me, explosion markers from Litko, trees from 'We Honest'
(China based model and train store on 
ebay hence the funny but endearing name)

As the game says:
"The stage is set, the battle lines are drawn,
and you are in command. The rest is history."

On the Soviet left flank, my Field General and buddy, Justo aka Uncle Greasy decided to do a blow by blow of the action. Here he focuses on his vain attempt at storming the frozen river against prepared, dug in German positions. "URRAH, URRAH, URRAH!"

...second casualties but we were able to deploy pontoon bridges...

...two more tanks lost to heavy artillery...

Russian tanks finally break through and German infantry retreat.

...a huge barrage and the tanks squeeze through and
take out one German artillery unit...

...all the advancing Russian tanks destroyed by the Germans.

Victory went to the side that gets 13 flags first. The results: Germans 13, Soviets 4 for a resounding German victory and hold out of this Soviet push. 

Better luck next time, Ivan. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Pico Armor and Battle Cry

For quick and easy hybrid gaming, my buddy, Willy ordered a whole bunch of PicoArmor
ACW figures, painted them up for use with the actual board game, Battle Cry. His rationale being able to store everything in the original box for travel convenience.  

Original minis that come with the game.

The teeny tiny 3mm figures from Pico Armor
on the actual game map!

Houses are from PicoArmor as well.

As a scale comparison, Willy placed his completed tanks
(also from PicoArmor) that he uses for other games.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Another Conversion: Memoir 44 and Micro Armor

Getting ready for Mag Con 2015, Mikey and I will be running an epic Memoir 44 scenario: "Tigers in the Snow", using our combined Hexon tiles, terrain and microarmor. We played a few games in preparation of this event.

I'll post pix of the event.


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