Friday, November 5, 2010

Mobile Infantry (MI) - at last!

Comic book cover

Whilst working on numerous projects (e.g. weathering of recently acquired AT-43 mechs and infantry, Bugs!, rubble / ruins, Gladiators, Mongols, more WW2 Strelkovy, Waffen SS, etc.) a small squad of MI (seven of 'em) were there patiently waiting to be next on my work bench. They weren't really yelling or nagging me to finish them but I kept glancing their way and knew that I'd have to get to them eventually. 

When I got the box game of Starship Troopers a few months back for my bday present to myself (see my earlier post:, I quickly spent a few days feverishly putting together 20 Bugs and this small contingent of MI. I even took some of these pix back then in anticipation of this post.

Truth to be told, I was a bit overwhelmed when I opened the box and saw all them pieces. But after putting together the Bugs, I decided to just assemble a small squad so to show the disparity of numbers portrayed in the book and movies. Actually, I was just burnt out with the tedious assembly process. Which is another reason why I collected the prepainted AT-43 figures, but that's another post.

Standard cap trooper with Morita Assault Rifle

Hard plastic and really good sculpts

Some more cap troopers and one with a
kneeling pose armed with a Triple Thud Grenade Launcher and holding a frag grenade

I've been using washers to base all my minis now especially plastic b/c I love feeling the weight of a figure.

Yet another cap trooper and one with a Javelin Missile Launcher

Voila! Here they are, painted, loaded for bear and ready to rock n' roll. "Where dem Bugs?":
Juan Rico and his Roughnecks

BTW, the figure on the left is holding a CC-176-ER Shock Stick (aka electrokinetic combat prod which doesn't seem practical when fighting with giant Bugs! since they'd have a longer reach than the stick length - but that's just me)

Oh boy! Now I can send 'em on an adventure.

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  1. Awesome man! Now just quite messing around and come over and game them ya big lug!



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