Saturday, November 13, 2010

Taking Incursion out for an Excursion

After months of patiently waiting, my Incursion board game finally arrived at my FLGS (friendly local gaming store). I can't say enough about this game and couldn't wait to play it. So I sat down and whipped up some quick terrain for that added dimension. Luckily I acquired some pre-painted Nazi Zeds supplemented by more Zeds that I painted from 'Last Night on Earth'. More Zeds are on order b/c Zeds are like trees, you can never have enough. With the plethora of figures in my collection I truly abhor populating the corridors with the cardboard counter standups that come with the game. I'd rather proxy in the meantime as I patiently wait for the official minis.

(click on the pix to enlarge)
Table setup during a game.
The beautifully designed and printed board with my walls complement each other well. This should do for a start. 
I've decided to add more details and embellishments for the wall sections I'll create for the other side of this board.

Close up of the rock and concrete wall. Here's a U.N.A. Steel Trooper (to simulate an APE and to fit) fighting off the different Zeds in my menagerie.
"Whose knocking?" Recognize the Red Blok trooper on the other side of the door? 
Zeds sneaking up on a trapped trooper.
More action in the hallways!

DIY (do it yourself) aka handmade Objective Markers. Left to Right: Doomsday Machine, Zombie Pinger and Caved In markers.
Concrete wall section with detailing. For my second generation of my wall sections I decided to add some detail now that I've got the basic texturing down. I mostly use bits from my bits box since I practically save everything. AT-43 trooper and Zed from 'Last Night on Earth' are here for scale. In the boardgame, this would be a 3 square long wall.

Here's another 3 square long concrete and 2 square long stone wall with a UNA TacArm. Another idea was to give different profiles to the concrete walls for future addition of details such as pipes, panels, etc. 
Dr. Hugo Von X (he isn't really the official mini b/c Grindhouse didn't have one of him - just my stand in) on the right and his Zombie Pinger.
Dr. Hugo Von X on the right with his Doomsday Machine.
Finally, a lone trooper about to be swamped and be Zombie chow.
My game board is next and I've decided to go with 2" squares for more room. These walls are 1 1/2" thick and 2" high with the length corresponding to the number of squares on the board.

Painted APEs, SturmZombies, Gretl, MI-13 and the whole cast of characters will be featured in an upcoming post.

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