Friday, November 5, 2010

Bugs! Part 3

In my never ending bounding around from period, genre, project, game, etc. I feel more like Dug from 'Up' chasing the proverbial squirrel.

Ahem... so to continue here's the progress of my Bugs! project. Incidentally, I finally finished my Mobile Infantry but haven't made the time to post. 

Bugs! in various stages of completion. (from Left to Right columns): Column 1: coloring complete and ink washed and ready for final matte coat; Column 2 top: final black color awaiting accent (red and yellow);  Column 2 bottom - Column 4: base color coat; Column 5: 2 coats of dry brush: dark and lighter gray   

Detail of base color coated and dry brushed

Detail of completed and ink washed Bug ready for final matte coat and Bug awaiting accenting.
 I experimented with black and brown ink washes and found the brown to be more to my liking. Next, I'll do some test shots of a diorama I'm putting together with the Mobile Infantry. Look for some cameo appearances...


  1. Very nice, been looking for bugs myself.

  2. Lurker,

    Thanks! They're great sculpts, hard plastic but a real pain to put together. Good luck finding 'em. I scored this box of Starship Troopers from this game store here in Houston (Nan's Games & Comics, Too) where they have some pretty old stock laying around. Alas they don't have a website.



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