Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Scav Alert, Part 1: Tis the season... Cheap Trees!!

Tis the season for Christmas decorations. What does that mean? Beautiful evergreen trees that would normally cost a lot more can be gotten CHEAP! I ain't kidding. Because if you're like me, Zombies are like trees, you can never have enough!! 

This was actually an accidental find. Whilst perusing up and down the aisle of my favorite dollar store one day looking for gaming supplies, etc. I noticed the proliferation of Christmas themed decorations. Miniature buildings, lamp posts, carolers, cheesy train sets, etc. And... "What's this? Hello? Are those... What the...? Hey! They have evergreen trees here!" I almost shout like a maniac.

Blister packs for a BUCK each!?
Note that there are actually two more styles of 
pure white
(which I didn't get b/c they're not my preference) and another
style of tree that flocked as well.

They were packaged two to a blister and only, GASP! for a fricken dollar. Do the math: that's 50 cents a tree. "Woohooo!"

Needless to say I loaded up and cleared out their display. I've since canvassed Houston for Dollar Trees in my area and have alerted my buddy Willy (aka LTL Dad, Sturmflieger, Veloci) the man with many names. Fear not, fellow scrounger and scavenger, Houston's big and there're a few more stores that I didn't hit so go out there and get some before some knucklehead buys up the stock.

Dollar Tree
Unpacked right outta the blister and ready to go.

My forest setting.
Looks good with an AT-43 Red Blok mech, no?

So what are ya waiting for? Go get some!!


  1. I had the same experience (in the UK) about five years ago, but made the mistake of not buying up ALL the samples. I very much regret not buying the whole display-full.


  2. tony - i hear ya and feel your pain! one of the reasons that i share this. i think we've experienced that at least once in our gaming carreers.

    TAL - thnx!

  3. Great find, I'm always wondering around the bargain shops looking for accessories.




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