Tuesday, October 26, 2010

World at War: Blood and Bridges, Scenario 5: Hold the Line

In preparation for an upcoming local con here in Houston (MagCon 2: http://mag-con.com/) I've set up my game table for a scenario from the stand alone module Blood and Bridges from World at War. I posted a couple of scenarios from the first game Eisenbach Gap and needless to say, I'm hooked. The cool thing about this the great fun I have converting flat 2D maps to micro terrain on my table. Funny thing about me is (and Willy aka LTLDad can attest to this) that as soon as I complete my project goal I'll set it aside and start another project. Ahh, go figure. Us gamers are an ADD riddled lot. 

At any rate, Blood and Bridges is best described in this Boardgamegeek review: http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/35035/world-at-war-blood-and-bridges. Simply put, this a platoon based game with a vehicle representing a platoon of 5-10 vehicles. 

Here's a portion of Blood and Bridges map per the scenario special rules recreated on my game table. I used colored sand to delineate the roads (beige) and rivers/lake (blue). Trestle bridges are scratch built along with the pine trees (by Justo). Since BnB is a continuation of WWIII action started in the Eisenbach Gap, additional terrain features have been added: burned crops, craters, shattered forest and city ruins. 
Map orientation with north being top of the page. This scenario calls for the a defensive action by Brits without the aid of their MBTs. Victory conditions for the Soviets is to take Anhausen (4 town hexes) located on the northwest corner of the map.
In this corner: the Brits. Top right group: Elements of the Royal Lancers with a platoon each of a Scimitar and Striker. HQ is represented with a Scimitar model marked with an "H". Bottom right group: Elements of the 3rd Queen's Regiment featuring a FV432 transport platoon, a Scorpion, an FV438 Swingfire with two Infantry platoons plus a Milan ATGM support weapon. Left group: 2x Lynx helos.
And in this corner: the Soviets fielding the 74th Guards Tank Regiment. Top left group: 7xT80, a single SA13 Gopher (proxied by an SA9 Gaskin), 3x BTR70 and 3x Infantry with support weapons: a Spandrel and SA16.
British FV432 APC 
British Milan ATGM

British FV438 Swingfire ATGM
British Scorpion Light Tank
British FV107 Scimitar Light Tank
British Lynx

Soviet Spandrel ATGM
Soviet SA-16

Soviet SA13 Gopher
Soviet BMP-2 APC
Soviet T80 MBT
Now that the stage is set and the players are in place let the firing commence and the battle begin. Batrep to follow.

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  1. It looks great. Is it my imagination or is there more light in your game room now?



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