Saturday, October 2, 2010

Red Blok Unit from AT-43

I've always been intrigued with the human factions of AT-43. Namely the Red Blok and U.N.A. forces. Not so much the alien races. And what really caught my fancy were the mechs that the Red Blok units fielded. I think that my endless fascination with things Russian continues as my collection grows. Needless to say I finally got a hold of some and was pleasantly surprised. For prepainted miniatures Rackham has done an awesome job with applying enough weathering on their paint schemes to make their minis more battle ready as opposed to coming out fresh from the factory or parade ground. They're done with consistency as compared to the Star Wars and Hero Clix brands.

Here's a few shots of Red Blok unit out in the field as they deploy for a mission. Excuse the quality of some of the shots since the photographer had to get out of the way of the chaos of units getting ready for battle.

Spetnaz in the foreground with a Kossak mech in the background.

More Spetnaz interspersed with Kolossus min-mechs.
Nice detail shot of Kossak with medium missile launcher.

More Krashny Soldati with a Strielitz Kolossus with Col. Odin O-1 looking on.

Since I don't particularly like learning this rules set I'll be using these bad boys against my newly acquired Arachnids aka Bugs (from Starship Troopers) whenever I finish painting them and all other comers from various sci-fi game universes using the Chain Reaction system from THW.

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  1. They look fantastic. By the way, when I was at LW the other day I noticed they had all these guys at 40% off. You might be able to get them to sweeten the deal if you buy a few.



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