Saturday, August 2, 2014

Mini Tanks Part 4: Pz IIf

This mini tank is definitely one of my favorite German panzers. Understated and not as famous as its bigger cousins that populate most game tables, this little guy has historically seen its share of battle field action in all theaters. I find it personally more interesting to see a game table with a smattering of armor versus the typical scene of Tigers or King Tigers side to side as wide as the gaming table allows. Not exactly my cup of frothy cappuccino.  

Given to me as an Xmas gift by LTL Dad this recent acquisition (already assembled and painted, I might add) has helped fuel my drive for collecting and skirmish gaming with mini tanks for Bolt Action! and other rules sets.

Another fine model from Battlemart

A workhorse that never quits!
A famous variant that I have on my wish list is the Pz IIL aka "Luchs" or "Lynx" (in English). Watch for it because it'll be coming soon once I get caught up on my armored cars.

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