Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Zombiecide! Part 1

As a break from my WW2 flavor of the month seeming obsession, I got back in the Zombie killing mode with my buddy, Willy aka as LTL Dad. He has bought all the Zombiecide games: basic as well as all expansions (I believe that they're referred to as 'Seasons') and we've started on the basic. 

It's quite a fun and challenging game. It's not overly complicated and best of all are the minis that come with it. Willy's been hot and heavy with getting them all painted so my follow up post to this will feature his handiwork. 

(click on the pic to enlarge)
Great quality on all the components. I especially like how they handle doors
(both locked and opened), very clever.

My favorite character.

It really helps if you've got models that represent vehicles. In a pinch you can always use the cardboard cutouts furnished with the game but these are better.

The different type of Zombies in this game helps add flavor and an overall sense of hopelessness as you progress up the skill and experience levels.
I recommend you trying this game out! Lotsa fun.

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  1. Love this game, even played it with my non-gaming parents, and they enjoyed it too, 10/10



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