Thursday, April 8, 2010

Al Qaeda Fedayeen in Action!

A couple of years ago, I took a break from Flames of War (FoW) and dabbled in a modern skirmish game called Dogs of War (DoW) for small unit actions made up of 4 men per side.  I enjoy gaming this era b/c of all the cool weapons, situations, etc. Heck, I just love gaming, period! However, I found DoW to be a bit complex and somewhat slow w/ all the charts, record keeping, details and micro-management.  I wasn't going to learn this system b/c of what I just mentioned and I was still in the search for an easier and relatively smoother skirmish rules set.  Fortunately, Patrick, who owns the game, really knew how to run it. I've since had a couple of scenarios that I truly enjoyed playing. 

Prior to this battle, much hype and buzz was generated at the store for the type of miniatures available to paint.  DoW also features a fine catalog of units to choose from. So I ended up choosing units that are colorful, infamous and cool to paint hence Al Qaeda Fedayeen and Soviet Paras (now if you know me, you'll realize that I have this fascination with things Russian. It seems like I have a Russian unit for whatever era it is that I'm interested in.) At any rate, I'll be blogging about each unit separately in the upcoming days. 

I immediately got down to painting the Al Qaeda and here's some shots of them in action against US Rangers in an unnamed Middle Eastern town. The game was played at Montags'. Guy (the owner) really did a great job scratch building the roads and buildings for this table. 

On to the action...

Our skirmish started w/ a fierce fire fight because of the Rangers' (run by Hunter) infiltration with the vaunted Blackhawk (behind the building and in the background) was discovered by the diligent Fedayeen. We used a civilian style H2 Hummer model to simulate a Humvee.

The fire fight continued across the roof tops.  My ambush worked as can be seen with the green gems denoting hits on a figure.

Unfortunately for the Rangers, a die roll resulted in the recall of the Blackhawk, losing their air support and exposing them to additional dangers. "Haha... Unbeknownst to the infidels, our tank support is coming up on the Humvee." 

"Here comes my cousin, Abdul and our tank support." - Watch out Humvee!

Too late! Toast!

Well that was fun. Nowadays, I'm happy to report that I did find a quick and easy rules set for skirmishing from Two Hour Wargames (THW) called Nuts! It's actually a WW2 skirmish rules set but the system is so flexible that I've been using it for modern w/ my Al Qaeda and Soviet Paras.  Here's a link to a batrep of a recent fight that both units were in:

Read all about it. Thanx Veloci (LTLDad) for the excellent batrep.

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  1. Oooooh, you just wait till tomorrow, the actions gonna get hot. I hope your Russkies are ready for some more divine retribution!



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