Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fierce Gladiators of the House of Franciscus

With duplicate poses I had to paint them a little differently and use a variety of shield types and slight weapons modifications. Identification below will feature the Gladiator's name and type in parenthesis. So without further ado here's the lineup of the pride of my Ludus:  

From left to right: Priscus (Dimachaerus), Verus (Dimachaerus), Ajax (Hoplomachus), Montanus (Murmillo) 

From left to right: Crescens (Thracian), Pugnacious (Thracian), Attilius (Hoplomachus), Hilarius (Hoplomachus)

From left to right: Promiscuous (Retiarius), Dubious (Laquearius), Loquacious (Retiarius)

From left to right: Raucous (Hoplomachus), Caucus (Hoplomachus)

From left to right: Netflixos (Retiarius), Attalos (Venator) 

Rear shot to show off the fine detailing of armor and weaponry. And yes, Netflixos is holding a spike on his left.

Now on to the action. 

A deadly game of cutthroat where both Attilius the spear wielding Hoplomachus (left) and Montanus (Murmillo) has ganged up on lone Promiscuous (Retiarius), a hapless victim, or is he?

The crowd roars with anticipation of this match up: Hoplomachus vs Hoplomachus
Who will be victorious:
 sword wielding Ajax or spear thrusting Raucus? 

*Please pardon this unfocused shot. The photographer got jostled by the over zealous crowd.*

Head to head with Attalos the Goblin and Loquacious (Retiarius).

Pugnacious (Thracian) goes after Verus (Dimachaerus)

Another angle as Pugnacious and Verus circle each other.
The crowd screams with blood lust as Verus severes Pugnacious' sword arm! 

Meanwhile at the other end of the arena: will Netflixos (Retiarius) snag Priscus (Dimachaerus)? 

Another deadly game of cutthroat.
This time it's Dubious (Laquearius) versus a team up of 
Pugnacious the Thracian (top) and Hilarius (Hoplomachus).

After vanquishing Pugnacious (who is immediately replaced by Caucus), Dubious is still menaced by Hilarius whose approaching his blind side. No rest for the wicked!

Montanus the Murmillo now goes after Raucus.

The fight continues as Montanus parries a desperate spear thrust by Raucus on his shield.

Montanus makes quick work of Raucus and finally faces off with Hilarius.


  1. Very nice models, and excellent paint job!

  2. Excellent models and painting, especially like Promiscuous.

  3. Great job. The cork tile works really well as a 'sandy arena floor' too

  4. Awesome stuff mate - I have a stack of Gladiators for similar attention. What rules will you use to take your Ludus to Glory?

  5. Thnx Zombie Ad - you have a good eye. We all have to be creative and look around to see what we have available to simulate things w/o necessarily creating them.

    Man Cave - thnx, we've been using Two Hour Wargames: Red Sand Blue Sky. Check it out if you haven't already.

  6. Actually I have a set ordered and am waiting for them to be delivered, so I'll be very interested in your thoughts on them.

    I agree, the cork works very well!

  7. You and you're sissy Gladiators are going doooooown tomorrow!

    They will look really nice doing it though, super nice job.

  8. Bring it on, LTL Dad aka BEEYOTCH-ticus! See you on the sands of the arena!

    thanx - n btw, i'll be fielding my goblins. :D



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