Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Joining the 'Arena Race' Part 2

Construction has progressed for my 'barbaric' wooden arena set in the outer fringes and frontier outpost of the Republic / Empire. Images that inspired me from recent films like Centurion has given me great ideas for the overall look and feel.

I love all the look of the rough hewn timber. 
With these images fresh in my mind and those lessons learned from the massing model I then incorporated improvements to the finish model. Namely a taller height for the Governor's Box. It makes the addition of the portcullis gate opening more proportional thus allowing me to add more details and embellishments to this structure. 

Available foam that I had laying around in my scrap pile that forms the structural core to be clad in wood. 

Thankfully, this project has used most of my Popsicle sticks from the 80s.
For the Governor's Box, I decided to use pavers to represent an upgraded flooring material. Nothin' but the best for the Governor. BTW - material used for this was acquired from the Doll House department at my local craft store. They're sheets of embossed styrene that represent ceramic bathroom tiles.
Base color applied and ready for a much needed dry brushing and weathering. 
Side by side comparison: weather or not?
Dry bush and ink wash cycle (lather, rinse and repeat) to get the desired effect. Here's where the warping effect actually aided in the overall look and feel of weathered wood brought out by dry brushing. 
Almost done.


  1. Good movie and that's some really good work, it's looking great.

  2. Superb - great progress. I'd always choose weathering and, as age starts to creep up on me, I lean towards a lighter finish on eveything where possible. Mostly so I can see stuff on the gaming table. You can always add more detail, posters, grafitti and other detritus to break up the finish if it feels too 'clean'.

  3. thanx guys!

    ZA - i agree and can relate about the visibility aspect. weathering breathes life into most of my work and funny how you mention posters... stay tuned for the next installment of this series...

  4. Tanks both fantastic and rapid progress - very impressive! It looks really effective and yes, a few blood splatters will give it that 'lived in' feel!

    You are a very talented modeller, but then we all knew that from your other posts!

  5. man cave - thanx. we must've been on the same wavelength b/c i just posted a comment on your blog about the menhirs. LOL! great minds and all that...




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