Friday, March 25, 2011

Alien Attack!!

A slight deviation and a short break from my historical path(ology)... 

Gaming with flying saucers is another area I've always wanted to delve in. Again, I'm going out with myself but the reference to the earlier, vintage era of 1950-60's SciFi films is again being invoked. There's a great collection out there of examples to get you all fired up. One of the many being "Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers".

Revamped movie poster for DVD 

Another pre-CG Ray Harryhausen masterpiece  
Alas, Mars Attacks! was an utter and typical Hollywood disappointment saved only by it's special FX and not by much, either. :(

Of course, those Hollywood morons thought that an A-list cast would more than make up for it's sucky plot ad nauseum. Barf!
Last year at Mag Con 2 I happened upon a wacky game that was truly in line with my kind of beer n pretzel / wacky gaming. I sat down at a demo and was hooked. The minis were Reaper with game designed by Frontline Games (

Box Cover Art
The Earthlings that's aptly renamed from the original rules set.
Left to right: Scout Master Willy (aka LTL Dad) and his three sons: Nick, Gabe and AJ

The Aliens: from left to right: Cheezo, Addar and Bob (original names from the rules set)

The object of the game is to ensure that the Aliens don't abduct the Earthlings. Played on a 24" x 24" mat and uses a card deck activation system. Eventually, I'll substitute this saucer for the one I have on order from Pegasus Hobbies.

Of course, I'll have to paint these guys green.
Meanwhile, back to historical minis...


  1. You know, its a darn shame we live so far apart - our ecclectic gaming tastes are so similar!

  2. Awesome. "We come in peace. Shoot to Kill." :)

  3. @man cave - amen, brother! u're down under, rt, mate? one day i'll make it out there otherwise u're welcome here in texas anytime!

    @zombie ad - thanx!

  4. Dude! You didn't make my gun big enough!



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