Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Viking Posturing Part 1

On to the next project... To populate my completed Long Ship, my long awaited package from Wargames Factory finally arrived. (woohoo) Drawing upon the plethora of imagery available from the web is really inspirational.   
Classic pose
And aside from pictorial references from the web, my private library of acquired books such as the Osprey series illustrated by the great Angus and movies like 'The 13th Warrior' has given me ideas on what I'd like my raiding war band to look like. Since I'm painting figures for skirmishing, I'm more into individual, dynamic poses rather than a regimented, line unit look. 
How I wish for the hodge podge but more realistic cobbled up armor from 'The 13th Warrior'. 
These are a very cost effective approach however their look is still a bit regimented b/c of the mail hauberks.

Out of stock, DAMMIT!
I thought that these figs were just fine for doing a WAB or FoG army. The number and variety of poses was more varied upon completion. Plus I've been really pleased with the results. Ideally and in retrospect it would've been nice to have both boxes so I could've mixed and matched parts and pieces for that look I was trying to achieve.

At first I was a bit hesistant and overwhelmed about putting 32 of these bad boys together. In fact, the first figure took me a couple of hours b/c I was researching poses on the net. But after the initial figure and getting over the learning curve it became a cinch. 

Mad double-handed Axemen

Sword wielding warriors

More Mad Axemen

Spear chuckers

OK, what about these dual weapon wielders?

More dual weapon wielders.

And of course the Archers.

Additional varietals.


  1. Awesome- more warbands to unlesh the fury of the Northmen amongst those so-called 'civilised' peoples!

    Very cool - I used those figs too and yes I spent quite a bit of time looking at different poses and trying them out.

    My big construction lesson was to have a set of rules in mind first so that the figs are correctly armed and armoured as I would eventually want them - that way what they have is what they got.

  2. It is always the research, pondering and figuring out what to do in the first place that takes the time.

  3. thanx guys!

    @man cave - i've been rooting around your site for inspiration: great job on your viking / dark age buildings!

    @zombie ad - true but well worth the investment. u know, part of the journey and all.

  4. I'm thinking of buying some of these or perhaps the box from Gripping Beast, to bolster my massive Viking army. They do look nice and I like the idea of making what you want.

  5. @ray - check out my buddy, willy's blog about gripping beast vikings. hope it helps.


  6. If you have the chance, I'd really like to see some side by side comaprisons of the GB and WF Vikings - size and quality wise. Thanks!

  7. @man cave - aside from willy's blog link above, he and i found this post to be very helpful indeed: http://www.wargamesfactory.com/announcements/a-most-comprehensive-review-of-gripping-beast-and-wargames-factory-vikings

    i only have WF vikings and have no plans in the near future of acquiring the gripping beast since there's too many projects and never enough time. i've moved onto others as you'll see in upcoming posts.




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