Sunday, March 6, 2011

Saturday is Game Day

This past Saturday we met up at my house aka the man cave and treehouse where we finally got to play on Dave's (aka Soldat) Capuan Arena. 

We populated it with my Gladiators, Dave's and Willy's. No actual spectator figures at the moment but maybe at a future date.

From left to right: Decimus Maximus the Spaniard (Dave's single combatant from Reaper) looking on as my lads (circular bases) and Willy's yet unnamed scoundrels (square bases) from a rival ludus mix it up. 

The home team is on the far end, the visitors in the foreground and the gallery is populated by another contingent of Willy's gladiators from the Heroscape line.  

Aside from the Arena fight, Willy brought along his Vikings again and I couldn't resist putting them on my Long Ship for a photo shoot.

On my table for some test shots. Notice Dave's Arena in the background.

Great detail shot of Willy's Vikings.

Big difference with blue backdrop...

and some cropping.

Another close up.

Sailing into fog.

A more appropriate backdrop for these marauding raiders!

Never walk
away from home
ahead of your axe and sword.
You can't feel a battle
in your bones
or foresee a fight.*
* from 'The Havamal' or Book of Viking Wisdom.


  1. Nice looking work.
    Especially like the quote there.

  2. Brilliant stuff - very impressive!

  3. Great quote, awesome raiders, love the arena - a great time had by all it seems! Can I please request some closeups of the Capuan Arena? Its FANTSTIC!

    How did you find the Gladiator rules?

  4. Great arena and a lovely Viking longship, marvellous stuff.

  5. thanx all!

    Man Cave - Soldat posted some pix of this arena on TMP. check it out:

    He's currently working on his blog to feature his arena but here's his blog link:

  6. Great arena!
    But...did a gladiator explode at the back wall? ;o)

    Whiteface / Oliver

  7. Great looking minis and game, love the blood explosion too. :)



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