Friday, March 18, 2011

Joining the 'Arena Race' Part 3: DONE

Without further ado...

Finally my Governor's Box and stands are done. I decided on a trellis for some al fresco viewing with a fabric awning covering option (see below). I've also simplified the Doric columns and added spikes for that 'barbaric' look.

Review of condemned prisoners.
In lieu of Roman figures I'm proxying my Mongols for scale and for the downright fun of it!
A minor Khan of the Golden Horde. This command pack is from The Assault Group (TAG).
TAG Mongol slavers keep the Chinese PoWs in line for the upcoming games.
Sentencing by the Khan while the ominous drummer keeps the beat.
Gladiators (from BTD) are reviewed as some Arabic peasant riffraff from Old Glory look on.
"Ave, Governor! We who are about to die salute you."
And now a word from our sponsors... 

I've always wanted to create ancient and classically themed ads (ala NASCAR) to enhance my scratch-built Colosseum for running chariot races back in the 80s. So I've finally done it here. 

I had a lot of fun researching these familiar icons. 
The cheap seats.
Execution commences.
The other cheap seats.

Now all I'd need is to get some female gladiators... 
1974 blaxploitation film starring Pam Grier and Margaret Markov


  1. This thing is almost as good as sex!

  2. That rocks! The posters are superb.

  3. Great looking arena nad a great blog.:-D
    I think I saw that film...not very good I remeber..blood and sand is way better.

  4. thanx all.

    @Paul's Bod - if you're referring to the female glad film, no, i haven't seen it either and i don't believe there'd be enuff tee and ay like in the new series! :D

  5. What a wonderful arena Herrodadog - you must be (rightfully) thrilled with the way its turned out. I hope mine later this year comes out even half as good.

  6. @man cave, thanx n yes i am. i'm sure that u're arena will turn out wundebar like all your projects!

  7. Looks great. I really like the colors and weathering. The figures are top notch too.

    The Arena is not a blaxploitation film, by the way. :^)

  8. @dale, it wasn't? what the hell do i know, i never saw it altho i was very intrigued by the images n google said so, dangit! ;D

  9. Nice work this has turned out great, now on too the Gladiator Batreps .....

  10. If you really want female gladiators try

    Anyway - love the posters and worn look of the whole thing.


  11. @extraordinarii - thanx. speaking of batreps, my buddy willy blog about our battles prior to completion of my arena:

    @adb - great tip, thnx and i also love ordering from

  12. Not only does it look good, I love how you took the pics with that background. Very real!

  13. A year later and I am still looking at this with awe and envy. I really want to try something very similar, with with an option for a removable scoreboard at the back of the Guvn'r's Box to enable multi use as a Blood Bowl stadium!

    So if you go to your garage and its missing, you'll know where to start looking! :-)

  14. Hahaha - 4 years after my "one year later" post and I'm still doing the same. HOWEVER, I just played my first game of Jugula and bought the game so perhaps some kind of actual modelling effort might be more likely now :-)



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