Thursday, February 3, 2011

Completed Incursion 3D Board - at OwlCon 2011

Done. Finito. Complete. Whew!

Come in and Enter...

This 24" x 30" board represents the first half of the gaming board used for Scenarios 1-4 in the rule book.

It took some effort and time adding extra industrial detailing like rusted pipes, fittings, etc. but was well worth it to simulate more realism aside from being fun. 

Still proxying with AT-43 figures to represent Allies while Zombies and Werewolf are from HorrorClix collection.

The Zombie 'Conga Line of Death'

All signage, propaganda posters and graphics were simply printed on bond and white glued on wall surface. Design courtesy of Martin at Little Soldiers from the Incursion Forum. 

Now it's time to get started on the actual minis...


  1. Wicked cool - I love it! A Labour of love obviously, and I'm sure you are very proud of it. I'm totally envious :-)

    Would be interested in knowing more about the lino you used for the flooring

  2. Tas - thanx. it was definitely a fun process. I went to my local Home Depot and got some Armstrong 12x12 VCT self adhesive tiles. read more about it here:

    hope that helps.

  3. Cheers Herrodadog. The texturing on your walls is spot ton too, really effective. How did you do that?

  4. hey tas,

    thanx again. i make a slurry mix of really cheap acrylic paint in gray (you'll have to use your own judgement in what closely simulate concrete), white glue (pva) and sand that you can get from your local craft store. mix it all together in a jar. again you'll have to play around with the amount of sand to get the consistency you want. my apologies for not having a set recipe but i do my texturing by feel (sorry, couldn't resist the pun). essentially you want the mix to be able to be thick enough to adhere to your surface and not be runny without being too thick. good luck!

  5. I've posted a link to your Incursion board at my blog here:

    thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Thanks Zombie Ad! It was loads of fun making this. I'm still planning on the other half which is the other side of the game board.



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