Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Viking Long Ship - DONE

"A Viking we will go, a Viking we will go..."

Well, she's ready to go. All she needs is a hearty crew of adventurers and carls that's ready for anything.

Here's my Moria Goblins using the Long Ship for a midnight landing raid to an unsuspecting village.
 "SSSSSS... Keep quiet, ya maggots! We need to catch these men asleep and snug in their beds..."

Here's a few of Willy's Vikings (Gripping Beast) to ambush the Goblins in the woods. 

Still waiting on Wargames Factory to send me my Vikings!


  1. Awesome job on the boat, and you no longer have to worry about the Vikings. I have extra sprues with me and you can pick them up any time you want.

  2. WoW...just WoW! I MUST have one for my Sword Danes...

  3. D**m you! And there I was hoping to NOT have an excuse to buy that Revell kit...

  4. Nice ship! Awesome work on all your models, and the touch of action at the end, very entertaining:D
    P.S. is there a way to get updates when you make new posts? Sabin M. Jarvis, Skald

  5. @Sabin, thanks for your kind words. Best way to get updates on my posts is to sign up as one of my Minions and 'follow' me. ;D



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