Friday, February 4, 2011

15mm Buildings, Terrain, etc.

As a slight departure from the 28mm scale in my gaming collection I'm taking a break decided to take out my WW2 15mm buildings, terrain and accessories for some needed photo ops and posing. 

I prefer the Eastern Front so most of my buildings belong in that theater.

(click on the pix to enlarge)
Gale Force Nine - one of the first boxed sets that Battlefront / FoW partenered with and is well worth it.
JR Miniatures Russian Cottages (great pre-painted models but why oh why are they solid?)
Miniature Building Authority's Eastern Front Farm Buildings

The removal rooves are a must for any wargame system.

Miniature Building Authority's Industrial Buildings
Miscellaneous Ruins, Bridge and kit bashed and weathered plastic model Church (N Scale). It's large enough to fit a medium FoW stand inside. I know, this model's more appropriate for Western Europe but hey, it's all useable.
Miniature Building Authority's Power Plant - a must for the Eastern Front! 

Kato Uni-track (HO Scale) sections w/a weak attempt at flocking makes for real quick and easy rail yard terrain. Throw in a couple of generic, period boxcars and voila!

Soviet Scouts in amoeba pattern smocks advance with PPsh SMGs supported by a KV1.

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