Thursday, February 10, 2011

WIP Viking Long Ship

The Long Ships: what gaming collection wouldn't be complete without these fearsome sea raiders and their infamous craft that represented fear, plunder and pillage!

And of course, it also helped growing up with such movie epics as The Vikings to help fuel the imagination.

My buddy Willy got one for the Viking minis that he's been working on and since I'm still waiting for my WGF Vikings to arrive by post I needed another project.

Almost done here and have decided to leave off the shields since my raiders will be carrying them to battle. Also for simplicity and more room for the minis I've also left out the oars, anchor and rigging.

This is a good kit. Not too complex and easy to put together. Get it if you see at you FLGS! It's truly a must have for any Viking force (in 28mm).

To give my boat a more unique look I wanted a different dragon head than the one that came with the kit shown cut off in the middle of the page in brown.

Here's a super ornate one from 'The Long Ships' movie with Richard Widmark.

Blue foam is my friend.

Still haven't decided about the sail.


  1. Ok, you are a punk. The dragon head is as cool as I was expecting. I insist that you make one for my ship now, but I want my Dragon to be pulling a face and sticking it's tongue out.

  2. That's a damn nice ship but the head is excellent. Good work.

  3. Thanx AL.

    LTL Dad - I'll see what I can do.

  4. And now I've had my first taste of Viking gaming, I REALLY want a longship!



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