Monday, January 31, 2011

OwlCon At Last!

OwlCon 2011 was just this weekend held at Houston's Rice University with a great turnout. Miniature events were held in one of two rooms: Sammy's and the Great Hall. Both of my games were in Sammy's. Luckily there were no LARPers about (they were in another section)!

I hosted two events. The first was my standard WWII skirmish game using Flying Lead rules by Ganesha Games set in Stalingrad with Soviets vs Germans on a 4'x4' table.
Prior to hostilities and post setup.

 Next up: my highly anticipated, brand new Incursion 3d Board.


  1. Nice pictures, looks like a good was had by many.

  2. I am happy to say that I was blessed to play on this great table once again.

    But you forgot to tell your audience how you underhandedly ducked out of my SDS games on Sunday you little weasel!



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