Monday, January 24, 2011

Incursion 3D Board - Actual Progress, PART 3

 I really feel like Sisyphus faced with this daunting task.
Agghhhhh!  The clock's ticking and there ain't no slowing down... With less than a week to go here's what I've completed so far. Now if I can only stay focused and on track, I might just pull it off...

(click on the pix to enlarge)
To simulate a lot of industrial detail I use just about anything laying around.  The two motors above the fluorescent starters are actual models acquired from my FLGS. 

Another pipe coupling, valve or engine model from my FLGS. 

More fluorescent starters that'll paint up really nice and unrecognizable (I hope).

Additional foam bits to enhance my recycled rock walls.

Straws at this scale make perfect pipes.

Beautifully crafted lab doors from Fenris is a great addtion to this board.  These babies are still a ways off from completion. They'll be framed complete with a diamond plate threshold.

Weathering is definitely one of my favorite detailing steps.

I went back and forth on how I'd paint the glass portholes. I've seen some great painting ideas but came to the conclusion that in this dank and damp air of the subterranean levels of Gibraltar aka The Rock multiple layers of grime, slime and what have you that would obscure these vision panels. 
Coming soon: Game day and showtime at Owlcon...

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  1. You are insane dude! Amazing stuff Jil. I love the starter bulbs!



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