Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Refurbishing Old Models Part 3

As posted in Part 2, where the Maintenance Bots were featured, I'm continuing my quest for additional scenic items to populate my Sci-Fi table. I've been wracking my brain thinking about other objects big and small that would enhance the scenery: space shuttles, drop ships and perhaps a smattering of different land crafts. 

Part of the fun of this great hobby is exercising one's noggin and imagination for cost effective (read: cheap) items to grace one's table. Lord knows, I've spend coin aplenty in the past and in other areas of this hobby.

So off I go a hunting. First stop...
A lot of you have been asking: Where ya get that? 
Well, at my favorite Scav-alert store, that's where!
Look for one in a city near you (that is, if you're in the states).

Here are more finds to add to my Sci-Fi scenery. By doing a lot of squinting, especially since I forgot to bring my glasses, I saw the lines of these bikes and imagined them monochromatic and without the riders:
Another Dollar Tree special. You guessed it: $1 a pack! 
So that's 50 cents per model. Oh boy!!
Took out the worthless and out of scale riders.
A little black primer, metallic drybrushing and we'll see 
what these babies will transform into.

Next, I go to Wally World!

And looky what I found at the Toy Clearance aisle...

I know what you're thinking. 'What can I possibly use this for?' 
Again, with some more squinting, I noticed that the lines and shape of this model 
is excellent and lends itself to a possible shuttle or drop ship while my 
Maintenance Bots look on. Meanwhile the horribly, garish paint scheme has got to go!

Coming soon, the 'after' shots...

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