Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mongols of The Golden Horde: Rank and File: DONE

Mongolian BBQ! Yummy.

Scene from the movie 'Mongol'.
For my first post of this year I've decided to bring out the Mongols for a photo shoot since I've had these rank and file figures done for awhile. I finally got around to posing these guys in their completed state. If you haven't read my previous post regarding these models, some of you may recognize that they're from the Old Glory line and paint up really nice. They're a mixture of Mongols and Pechenegs. Mixing and matching them gives the right look of being horde-ish.

So here they are thundering and plundering to a town near you! 

Mongol Nobles from TAG in the background.

Yes, that's my Viking longship in the background...


  1. Wonderful! Think I'll build a nice big wall to keep them out...

  2. Really like the subtle shading on the horses. I'd love to hear about your technique! :)


  3. thanx all!

    john - basic technique for me is:
    black primer
    off white drybrush
    base color
    highlight drybrush
    ink wash
    dull kote (testors)
    good luck!



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