Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Refurbishing Old Models Part 2

As I mentioned in Part 1 of this post I've acquired these toys from the clearance shelf of my local Wally World's toy section. I usually cruise the 'clearance' aisles of Walmarts and Targets looking for such bargains. Here's what I found. 

When I saw these robots, I immediately saw their potential as effective scenery. And I knew that with a little imagination I'd be able to recycle them. All I needed to do was to paint over these God awful colors, apply some weathering and presto: instant scenery at a very low cost ($2 a package = $1 a figure).

I made sure that they would scale properly with 28mm.
Here they are posing with some AT-43 figures.

Here are the 'After' shots.
After some black primer and recoloring these plastic toys 
are transformed into useful Sci-Fi scenery.
 Here they're depicted as ancient and inoperable
Maintenance Bots with their original creators.
Now they've been abandoned for countless years.
Only to be used as terrain for my repainted Space Commandos. 
 Where they'll be battling it out amongst the bots.
These Space Commandos were bought @ 25 cents each from
the Clix bargain bin of my FLGS then 
repainted and rebased.

Coming up, more recycled bargain bin toys.


  1. You've managed to make kids toys look sinister and menacing. Great job and a bargain!


  2. Very cool use for the figures.

  3. Well done! I have been refurbishing toys for mini games for years glad to see im not alone, check toys r us in there car truck section nice affordable 28mm trucks cars and helicopters.

  4. katz, you're absolutely spot on. i've scoured those stores in my area for using on zombie, urban settings, etc. anywhere i can find cost effective (read: cheap!) and comparable scaled vehicles and terrain are always a must. if the mood suits me, i repaint and weather. otherwise most of the vehicles are good to go.

  5. Excellent and highly effective

  6. nice job, im a big fan of the Euro/Pound stores we have in Ireland and Britain, some times you can find great stuff for next to nothing



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