Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A10 Warthog

A little deviation from my current projects when I really need to focus and get that rail yard done for 15mm but alas...
This poster says it all.
One of my favorite ground attack aircraft aside from the famed IL-2 Sturmovik of WW2.
After savaging what looks like a Soviet tank.
Some nose art choices...

And here's the culprit and cause of the current derailment of my train of thought. Sigh... another project to add to my ever growing list of 'to do' items which can't be helped since I wanna do it all, dammit! 
An old kit that was a gift from oh so long ago...

You know, come to think of it. I haven't put together a full on kit since at least a few decades ago. (I'm not counting those plastic vikings and Mobile Infantry neither since all you got is a head and a couple of arms.) So now, in my maturing years, I'm not sure I'll have the patience and the eyesight to tackle this project. 

The two most important things needed are a great light source and a good magnifier. 

The more light the better!
Goggle types are the best.

My homemade combination. Time for a magnifying goggle upgrade.
OK, who the hell am I kidding? I've got umpteen projects on my list and when am I gonna be gaming in 1:144 scale? 

Back burner... Yeah. 

Besides I already have a pair of Warthogs, albeit in another scale...
A flight of GHQ MicroAircraft from my collection


  1. Awesome aircraft I agree. Always loved playing GMT's Thunderbolt/Apache Leader and flying these babies around!


  2. Looks like alot of work but looks great! Following!

  3. Nice post. As to the Tank if I am not mistaken it is an M-48 Patton tank I believe noting the muzzle break at the pointy end of said tank...lol Anyway cheers


  4. thanx all!

    razorone223, appreciate the clarification.



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