Friday, February 10, 2012

OwlCon 2012

Last weekend was our local gaming convention here in Houston: OwlCon. Held in beautiful Rice University this annual event is named after its mascot. This has been going on awhile and just celebrated it's 31st bday.

This year I decided not to work the con and sponsor an event. I just wanted to attend and play, play, play. So I walked around snapped a few pix and enjoyed myself tremendously.

Friday night was opening night where I got to play a Western skirmish game: Gut Shot.
They were testing our the latest expansion called 'Night of the Living Deadwood'
where humans and zombies went head to head with each other. Last thing standing.
Sorry, no pix of the actual table and minis. 
Meanwhile in another room of the con, a great game was being held in the
same time slot . I couldn't be in two places at once, gol darn it! Great table and minis.

Using Gaslight  rules this was a VSF (Victorian Sci-Fi) table filled with lots of eye candy. On the eve of WWI, it's a city fight circa summer 1914 where the Mahdist clash with Euro powers.

And walking thru the dealer's area I spied some Dungeon Stone. Pretty good stuff and made in Texas.

Another great event GM'd by Brian Weathersby.
He never disappoints and I always love playing on his table. 
From the con catalog write up:
"It is April 1945, and Berlin is in ruins. As the Red Army advances into 
the heart of the Reich's capital, it is finding that the German defenders 
may not be numerous, but they have no shortage of determination and courage." 

Ambushed T34-85 by a Panther. 

Sunday was a major fleet action. The Battle of Calabria was brilliantly put on by
Stephen Kastensmidt
 using War At Sea minis and rules.

I did spend some time in the Steve Jackson room where I played and bought my own copy of Frag!

Sigh... Back to work.

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