Saturday, April 12, 2014

Going a-Viking! Part 2

Upcoming battle royal and rumble that Mikey and I were getting ready for at OwlCon 2014 held in Rice University, in Houston. That meant getting new units painted to supplement my existing Huscarls as well as getting Mikey's long ship out of mothballs, painted and weathered to transport his Vikings. While mine were at the final stages of completion he was frantically doing the same. Gotta love them shield transfers...

(click on the pix to enlarge)
More detail on the just finished units of Warriors from Black Tree Design.
My Huscarls from Wargames Factory on review and deciding which ones to make the team and get to travel. Archers on the ship stay home this time around since I'm not using missile troops.
Practice session at Mikey's where we combined our terrain on his Hexon.
A close up shot of my two scratch built hovels and attached wood shed. Wooden barrels and various trade goods from both our collections.
Mikey's Warband.
Mikey's Warband going out for a test drive.
Scratch built haystack in the background with Rune Stones from Fenris Games in the foreground to add some Viking flavor.
Mikey's round huts.
Some jockeying for position on both our parts in this practice game.
I painted Mikey's Long Ship from Old Glory.
Some weathering.
Both of our warbands with their Long Ships ready for transport to OwlCon.
Onto Rice University for OwlCon!
My Warband heading down the river for the brawl.
Mikey's Long Ship has grounded with his troops ready to disembark.
My Berserkers charging across the meadow against Welsh bowmen.
My Warriors charging a Welsh warrior unit across the street by the hedgerow.
My Huscarls springing into action and eventually eliminating the Norman Cavalry unit.
In conclusion, out of 6 Warbands, I hacked and slashed my way to a bloody second place! I lost to a Welsh unit. Mikey's unit was the third unit taken out by a combination of Welsh bow fire and Norman cavalry charges. Better luck next time, Mikey!!


  1. Beautiful pictures, love your terrain and the ship!

  2. A second is nothing to be ashamed of - to Valhalla with Pride!!!!

  3. You're right, Paul! I'm drinking with the Valkyries.



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