Monday, March 31, 2014

Going a-Viking again! Part 1

A few months back I was getting ready to attend OwlCon 2014 at Rice University here in Houston. One of the battles I was looking forward to participate in was Saga. It promised to be a real brawl and dust up with a potential of multiple chieftains hacking and slashing away at each other.

So it was time to dust off (literally) my long ship and Vikings (Wargames Factory plastics). It turned out to be a meeting engagement of 6 chieftains with their accompanying warbands. I look at my boys and noticed that I was still lacking in the 'warriors' (i.e. non-huscarl / armored units) and 'berserker' categories.

(click on the pix to enlarge)
"A-Viking we will go..."

Hmmm, if memory serves, I have some unpainted Vikings from Black Tree Design stashed away somewhere...

Turns out that my list needed 2 units of 8 Warriors each and 1 unit of 4 Berserkers. I looked in my unpainted minis box and Voila!

I mounted them on pennies and used my slurry mix (also used in my Incursion 3d board project for creating pre-cast concrete walls) for basing. 

After the prerequisite black primer, I dry-brushed with a sand color by Anita's Craft Paint, a cost effective (read cheap) paint from Hobby Lobby. 

Apply watered downed base color.

Dip into some Army Painter Quickshade Strong Tone.

Apply dry shield transfers from Little Big Man Studios.

Spray with Testors Dull Kote.
Front row: Beserkers
Back Row: 2 units of 8 Warriors each

My Warriors in a shield wall

The full contingent: Bjorn tobe Wilde, the axe and spear wielding Viking Cheiftain with his bodyguard of 4 Berserkers,
6 units of 4 Huscarls each from 
Wargames Factory plastics (of which only 3 will be selected for this upcoming fight) and
2 units of Warriors (in the long ship)
Next up: the battle royal or in this case, the brawl!


  1. WoW - back with a bang! I'd say that real men paint their own shields (no decals) but its just good to see you back in the saddle so I'll leave that for another time :-)

  2. Thanks, Paul.
    All I can say about painting your own shields is: I used to back in the day (on 15mm shields non-the-less) but now that I'm older and wiser (and LAZIER) MORE time for gaming I say! ;p
    Cheers, mate!

  3. All of this is looking very nice!



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