Monday, April 28, 2014


One of the most produced AFVs in Germany, the Sturmgeschütz assault gun was based on the Panzer III chassis.  After many improvements and upgunning the model G sports a long 75mm capable of taking on Soviet tanks such as the T34 and a personal favorite of mine.

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Another fine model from Warlord is this German Army AFV and assault gun: the Sturmgeschutz III aufklarung G aka the StuG IIIG. 

I love the simplicity of assembly and not too many teeny, tiny, little fricken pieces! 

I decided to leave out the side skirts to see more of the model. IMHO this is really a well designed assault gun and makes a fine infantry support weapon. 

After numerous steps of dry brushing, coloring, weathering and dipping, she's ready for the final step of matte varnishing with Testor's Dull Kote. 

Less is more and she's battle ready.
Achtung! Bereit für die Action und Kampf!!

Coming up soon: The units are coming together for an eminent confrontation using Bolt Action rules amongst 'The Streets of Stalingrad'.

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  1. Everyone loves a StuG - nice job my friend.
    Reminds me of this:



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