Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Modern Microarmor Collection so far

Here's my growing collection of microarmor specifically for use with the World @ War board game series that I've converted. 

On the left are the Soviets, from left to right, 1st column: 11x T80s and 11x T72; 2nd column: 10x T64s, 5x T60s and 5x T55s; 3rd column: 10x BMP2s, 6x BMP1s and 4x bridging units; 4th column: 3x ASU85s, 8x BTR70s and 5x BTR60s; 5th column: 5x ZSU23/4s aka Shilkas, 100 ATG, 2x BRDM SA9 aka Gaskins, 2x BRDM2-AT, 5x BRDM-R and 10x Infantry. 

On the right is NATO. Bottom group are West Germans of the FDR. 1st column: 2x Panzer Morser (self propelled 81mm mortar similar to US M106A1) and 5x Roland AAs; 2nd column: 5x TPZ1 Fuchs APCs and 4x Gepard AA; 3rd column: 4x Marders; 4th column: JagdPanzer Kanone and 5x Jaguars; 5th column: 4x Leopard 1s and 4x Leopard 2s; 6th column: 5x Merkava 2s of the IDF.

Middle group, US. 1st column: 4x Infantry and 81mm Mortars; 2nd column: 6x M109AA (converted M113 w/ vulcan); 3rd column: 6x M113 APCs; 4th column: TOW Jeep, 3x M106A1 and 2x Chaparral AA; 5th column: 5x M901ITVs; 6th column: 5x Bradley M2/3 AFVs; 7th column: 7x M60s; 8th column: 6x Abrams M1A1.

Top group, UK. 1st column: 4x Scorpions; 2nd column: 4x Scimitars; 3rd column: 4x Strikers ATGM, 4th column: 3x FV432 Trojans and 2x FV432 Mortars; 5th column: 4x Swingfires, 6th column: 4x Challengers.

Top aircraft row: 2x Hinds, 2x Cobras and a UK/FDR Tornado.

Bradley M2/3 AFVs

Abrams M1A1, Bradleys M2/3, M113 APCs

Cobras over Jaguars, Gepards and Panzer Morsers


ZSU23/4s aka Shilkas and BMP1s

Mil24 aka Hinds above BTR60s and BMPs

Mil24 aka Hind

FDR Gepards

BTR60 and BRDM Recon

ITV bushwhacking an unsuspecting BTR60

WIP: FRG Pah1 aka BO105 Anti-tank Helicopters


  1. Very pretty. The choppers are so cool.

  2. Nice work, very nice!!!

    got my Blood fired up. to re do some Warsaw pact Nato or Ultra moderns

    cheers karcuss

  3. And i amm doing some Modern Swedes on Commision
    So will Blog them

    cheers karcuss



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