Thursday, March 25, 2010

World @ War: Eisenbach Gap, Scenario 4: Maelstrom

·         Soviets (enter anywhere on south edge of map)
o   1st Tanks: 10x T72 Platoons with attached BRDM ATG and Recon
o   33rd Rifles: 3x T62 Platoons, 2x BMP
o   87th Motor Rifle: T55s, 2 infantry Platoons with 2x BTR60s
o   69th Attack Helicopter Regiment: 2x Hinds
·         US (set up first on northern half of map)
o   Alpha Troop: 1x Abrams Platoon, 2x Bradley Platoons, 1x M106 (self propelled mortars) and attached Chaparral (SAM battery)
o   Charlie Company: 2x Infantry Platoons w/ 1x Dragon ATGM and 1x M113 APC Platoon
o   Reinforcements (arrive on Turn 2): Delta Company: 3x Abrams Platoons

Objective: Exit 6 Soviet units off the north (top) map edge.  

Initially the Soviets followed their no nonsense, basic attack doctrine and go up the middle with their spear-point: 1st Tanks echeloned on their right flank by the 33rd Motor Rifle (B grade units).  However, that flank is bolstered by hovering Hinds entering the southeast between Rumwald and Lansamen on Turn 2.

Action continues on Turn 3 as the US reinforcements arrive and promptly blunts 1st Tanks' line of advance evidenced by the burning hulks.

On the western flank the 87th Motor Rifle is attempting to turn the US right flank held by the vaunted Charlie Co. (Infantry is represented by green colored blocks shown in the woods.)  Charlie’s seen withdrawing on the road to more advantageous ground closer to Schlafendbauer and the northern map edge: 1st infantry platoon is loaded up on transports while 2nd platoon is hoofing it thru the woods as a rear guard.

On Turn 4 the Hinds launch against some choice targets: an Abrams caught in the open 

and a Bradley and another Abrams hunkered down in Eisenbach.  This is in revenge for their burning T72 comrades.  But all this is to no avail since they both missed!  Another lucky break for the US.

Since goose eggs were the prizes for their efforts, Hinds aren’t known to hang about and get 'stingered' up their collective backsides.  Fricken’ Ivan couldn’t hit the broad side of an Abrams so it’s Stoli time, "Exit stage right…" Dasbedanya!

To be continued...

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