Thursday, March 25, 2010


Nuts! is a skirmish WW2 game that I purchased two years ago and have been dying to play.  Recently my buddy Willy aka Veloci aka Sturmflieger hosted a few games and is very consistent with his batreps on his blog: 

We started playing using his stuff versus some of my spare and re-based 15mm Soviet Shtrafnoy and Strelkovy from Battlefront just to get my feet wet.  My real goal is to skirmish at larger scales.  Anyway, I have some 28mm Fallschirmjagers from Black Tree Design that I purchased in SoCal on my last visit.  I finally busted them out and started painting.

Above: A couple of completed examples after Step 3 Base Coat (Step 1  hand painted Black Primer; Step 2 Drybrush w/ sand color).

Below: Examples of Step 5 Camo application – these look really flat and my first inclination is to drybrush them after a couple of black ink washes.  But I held back in lieu of a new technique that I'm trying out.

Below: the figs after being dipped in The Quick Shader from Army Painter (this solution is essentially a thick an ink wash – just dip, remove excess by flicking and wait 24 hours to cure and it'll be ready for some final drybrushing).  They look thick, wet and glossy although this pic was taken about 6-7 hours after dipping.  I’m hoping for it to tone down a bit after a few more hours.

Dry-brushed, dull coated, completed and ready for action!  

A lone Panzerschreck taking a bead on a T34/85.  "Where's my loader?  Look, Ma, no Hans!"

Watch out!  Patrol's about to be waylaid by a T70.

Mission: take out Stalin's Organs aka Katyusha batteries wrecking havoc with our forces. 

The Russians are coming...


  1. Nick says your FJ's look great and he can't wait till he can burn them in for you. He says he's gonna send your Red's to Oblivion.

  2. of course, he is. :D
    chip off the old wienerschnitzel, ain't he? and he won't have long to wait. got some of my russians in the mail and i have an mg team being painted. i'll be posting that soon.

  3. Nah, not me, I'll stick to my Yanks thank you very much. You boys can take your sissy Krauts and horse eaters and my country boys will fix you both up.

  4. i take my horse w/ side of borscht, if you don't mind.



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