Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Let's just dive right into it: my latest project.

Here's the latest project I've been working on.  I thought about this a couple of years ago when I was first introduced to this great board game called World at War: Eisenbach Gap by Lock N Load.  Incidentally it's had a couple of expansions (which I now have all of them: Death of 1st Panzer and Blood and Bridges) and they just keep getting better and better.
Since I started out in gaming back in the 70s using miniatures, board games were always a fascination and source of intimidation for me.  My imagination ran rampant with the possibilities of all the different eras and units to game with.  Alas, since I had no gaming buddy to play and learn with back in those formative years I stuck to miniatures.  
Now I can happily say that I'm transitioning and finding a way to combine both gaming genres.
Don't get me wrong, miniatures are still my first love but I'm finding that the world of boardgames is worth exploring. 

Here's the game map.

And here's my table top miniatures interpretation.

It's almost complete.  The white hexes are 1/4" thick Terrain Maker hexes from GHQ and are just place holders in the meanwhile so I can practice a few games.  I ordered a 4x6 map wtih a 4" hex grid from HotzMats on a 'European Field' pattern and works great for my micro conversion.  I'm having a set of flocked and contoured hexes for my hills coming soon.

Just for fun I posed a few figures on the table and took these shots.  Those are two Cobras savaging some T72s.

Just another angle.

To be continued...


  1. Nice job. And awsome game!

  2. Looking good you dog! I love the pipe cleaner missiles, they photograph so well. I'll get your links up on my blog tomorrow in CL.

  3. thanx, those pipe cleaners are awesome. in fact i used them again for some diorama shots w/ my now completed fallschirmjagers and a katyusha.



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