Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Refurbishing Old Models Part 3

I finally found the proper materials to simulate metal grate flooring that's perfect for skirmishing my 28mm sci-fi miniatures. Go down to your local hardware store and look for 2'x4' clear prismatic plastic lenses. I bought 3 panels that can be arranged to make a 4'x6' playing area. More than enough for skirmishing.      

(click on the pix to enlarge)
They come in different patterns but I found this particular grid to work well. 
The perfect spray paint to give the right amount of texture.
And Voila!
Anyone recognize those rusty robots?
See Refurbishing Old Models Part 2



Assorted Red Blok Mechas

Showdown with an ONI Merc Zombie and a UTA Medic 


  1. Nice! Looks like it would make a nice starting board for 3D Incursion terrain.
    Do the squares work with those the base sizes?

    1. hey paul, thanks. the squares are mostly used for spatial and ranging reference. they're not that big and as you can see from the pix.



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