Friday, February 20, 2015

More Proxying Fun: Ars Victor with MechWarrior Minis, Part 2

Using lots of found objects (e.g. plastic caps) to simulate Sci-fi Cityscapes

Hex to hex conversion
Left: Original game map
Right: Hexon and terrain representation

Before: original game map and counters

After: Hexon tile map with proxied minis

Before: original game board and counters

After: Heavy Unit represented by re-purposed MechWarrior minis

What if? Posing some microarmor with Martian Tripods for fun

What if? F4 Phantom on a flyby recon

1 comment:

  1. I also like combining minis with boardgames. I've done that with the sci fi tank combat game Ogre, using official minis, modular terrain from scratch and from Monopoly buildings, and a mat with 4-inch hexes. For me, the real fun comes from adding in minis from other games, die-cast vehicles, and plastic models in the right scale.



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