Monday, November 10, 2014

"Steppe This Way..." Another Saga Battle

With the advent of the new Saga expansion: Steppe Tribes, I once again got excited. This would give me a chance to dust off my Mongol miniatures and re-purpose (read: proxy) them. Although, the miniatures I used are not really far off: Pechenegs from Old Glory to supplement the Mongol rank and file horse archers. 


You could read all about the make-up of my Mongol army from an earlier post

It's great when I don't have to buy and paint new figures to play another game. Speaking of which, both Mikey and I have been dying to try out the Horse (mounted troops) rules. He brought out his Normans to fight my Steppe Tribes as we played the 'Battle of the Ford' scenario from Saga.

(click on the pix to enlarge)
'Battle of the Ford' map ending with minimal terrain placement

A flat featureless plain simulating the Central Asian Steppes

Norman, is that you?


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  2. I haven't had to play against Steppe Lords yet, I imagine they are quite a different foe

  3. they have a very frustratingly short range for their composite bows: 6" (same as javelins). they're definitely tricky to run so i have to do a few more battles with them to give a fair assessment. i'm just happy to finally be able to play with my mongol figures! you know how it goes.



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