Saturday, October 13, 2012

'roids: quick and easy!

Asteroids, Meteroids, 'roids, all the same. Bits of rock in space. Cool terrain to model for any space minis game. Two options: make it myself or buy. 

I'm sure most of you are familiar with this iconic Asteroids screen.

Beautifully rendered 'roids done in CG.


The first option was to make it myself and since i'm a DIY kinda gamer I was gonna do just that. Take a bunch of unused Styrofoam popcorn and modify, sculpt, chip, carve, cut, burn...

Yeah, right...

But what's better than making your own asteroids?  Buying readily made stuff from the crazy knuckleheads at

What's not to like about these 'roids?
Shown here with some EM4 Universal Spacecraft.
I was at the Houston Beer and Pretzles monthly event ( when they were featuring Battlestar Gallactica night. Then with jaw dropping suddenness I spied a set of asteroids being used on the table. Man, I was hooked. So i ordered a whole bunch to use for some space gaming.


  1. I make asteroids from those lava rocks used for landscaping. What are the ones you purchased made from?

  2. that's exactly what these are. they pre-drill them so there's a mounting hole for the rod to rest on.

  3. They look great!

    I have made mine before using polysyrene melted with turpentine.

  4. thanks, paul. i'd like to see those. gimme the link to some pix or your post.



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